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Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs)

Question: Do you provide delivery of the furniture or equipment, purchased from your stores?

Answer: Our company Nimis Ltd. provides free delivery of purchased goods to any place within the town. Out of town transportation requires payment of the fuel used to make the delivery. All transportation services take less than a workday. SPEEDY Express Delivery Service are able to deliver the furniture, purchased from us, to any place in Bulgaria at the very best prices due to the contractual relationships between Nimis Ltd. and SPEEDY.

Question: Do you carry out assembly works of the products you sell?

Answer: Yes, all products (furniture products) are assembled free of charge, at the expense of the company, and by our experienced staff.

Question: Can I use your services to design the entire furnishing of my home and/or office?

Answer: Of course you can. It will be a great pleasure for us to give you assistance with the design of the furniture in your home or office, giving you our professional opinion and sharing our technical experience. Our designers are able to give a complete concept of your interior and they can help you for accurate defining the dimensions or the exact location of a definite furniture item in your home or office.

Question: What warranties for the customers do you provide?

Answer: Nimis Furniture offers a 24 months guarantee on all furniture products.

Question: I like one of your products but I would like to change the colour or dimensions. Is this possible?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. You can choose any of the 70 colours we offer for the body or any of the 50 colours offered for the damask. You can change the fabric too, depending on your taste, and choose any of the other more than five available fabrics. We are ready to accept and process your order, taking in mind your dimensions, and we can change each model, completely or partially, so that it meets your requirements regarding appearance and functionality.

Question: I would like to purchase one of your products; Is it possible to buy furniture on the installment plan and what credit services do you offer?

Answer: Our company Nimis Furniture works with five credit institutions. They grant loans for purchasing goods to the amount of 200-10 000 BGN with extended payment period, ranging from 3 to 36 months. Please call or visit our showrooms and our consultants will help you to choose the best lease plan for you.

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